Another adventure begins

So excited to be joining the Galen Catholic College community in
2016 as DP Learning and Teaching. The past six years have been fantastic at Siena College and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such wonderful staff and students. I plan to spend the next few weeks reflecting and documenting some of the many highlights of the past 6 years before I embark on the next adventure. Thank you Siena for many, many brilliant experiences and treasured memories that will stay with me forever.

Michael Fullan

Michael’s commitment and passion for educational change and the moral imperative of closing the gap for all children evolved over his forty years in the field. He became an expert but learned on the job by becoming immersed in his work.
In the last of this series, Michael talks about his journey and his commitment to improving the system.

Tumblr in my classroom

During this year I have been experimenting with Tumblr as a resource, an exhibition space, a collaboration tool and a great place to find inspiration for my Studio Arts students. I set up some spaces for a variety of purposes including a staff space for the Visual Arts and Technology teachers as well as a shared student gallery space which allows each student to showcase their work for Studio Arts.In the Visual Arts faculty we have used Tumblr to record some of our PLT sessions and to provide us with a space to share resources,thoughts and reflections on our iPad Program. Tumblr has proved to be very user friendly and a great way for us to share and collaborate in order to improve what we are doing in the classroom and beyond. I have really enjoyed seeing both staff and students use this space to exhibit their work, share resources, express their thoughts, reflect on their processes and to find inspiring and useful material to enrich their art practice.
Here are some links to a range of Tumblr blogs that we have used this year and hope to develop further next year.

Studio Arts @ Siena

Siena College Visual Arts and Technology PLT’s

Open Studio Siena

Natalie’s Studio

Shenalie’s Blog

Erin’s Studio Arts Tumblr

A well as being a very easy blog space to use Tumblr is also an excellent source of inspiration and I use the Explore function regularly to find great inspiration such as:

Art Does Matter

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